Pharmacovigilance is an activity to monitor the efficacy and safety of medicinal products aimed at identifying, assessing and preventing unwanted effects of medicinal products.

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 64 of the Federal Law of 12.04.2010 No. 61-FZ “On the Circulation of Medicines”, drugs in circulation in the Russian Federation are subject to safety monitoring in order to identify possible negative consequences of their use, prevent patients and protect them from the use of such drugs.

The company LLC NPP “Bionoks” monitors the safety of manufactured drugs, monitors all adverse side effects that have arisen against the background of their use. Safety analysis helps provide doctors and patients with the most complete
and objective information on the safety of the drug.

If you become aware of an adverse reaction that has arisen while taking medicinal
of the company LLC NPP “Bionoks”, please inform the specialist on
pharmacovigilance in a convenient way for you:

  1. By phone: +7 (905) 755-8832
  2. By filling out the adverse reaction notification form (download the form here, doc)
    and send it by e-mail to the address:
  3. You can also fill in the “Adverse Reaction Notice”
    directly on the site
Doctor or other person reporting an adverse reaction
о пациенте
вызвавшее НПР
вызвавшее НПР
вызвавшее НПР
ДРУГИЕ ЛЕКАРСТВЕННЫЕ СРЕДСТВА, принимаемые в течение последних 3 месяцев,
включая ЛС принимаемые пациентом самостоятельно (по собственному решению)
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Consent to the processing of personal data *

Submission of a message means the consent of the patient and / or the applicant to the processing and storage of personal data by LLC NPP Bionox or an authorized person. The sender of the message confirms that the information provided by him is complete, accurate and true;

When providing information, the current legislation, legal rights and interests of third parties are not violated;

Patient information is kept strictly confidential. It can be submitted to the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, unless otherwise specified when submitting the report.

The person who sent the message can be contacted by a pharmacovigilance specialist of LLC NPP Bionoks to clarify the information provided in the message.